We give our fruits another life, full of tastes and flavors.

We provide good quality fruits and berries for further production from fruits, such products, which contain: juices, baby food, natural puree, smoothies, jams, etc.

From idea to project:

There are so many people in the world, who love fruits and products made of fruits. Could you try and guess the number? Yeah, it is hard to say for sure. Thus, we decided to create this company because we, as well as you, love fruits and berries. We have an opportunity to share good quality fruits with our families, friends and everyone who enjoys healthy food around the world.

The goal is to be such a high standard company that the world community could be proud of. Fruits and berries make us stronger and healthier and we need them on the daily basis all the year round. We want to make that happen by people and food industries with good fruit products around the world within our shock freezing and fruit processing factory.

People believe that because it is frozen it is not good enough…. The fact is that if the fruit had been frozen in the first few days- it is healthier- it keeps more of the vitamins than a fresh one, which is a week old. The factory is located in Causeni region, Republic of Moldova. Its placement was chosen due to the abundance of the available fruits in that region. Our factory is only a few km from the fields, which lets us freeze fruits right after the picking and save fruits richness at most.

Why Moldova?
The climate of Moldova makes the perfect choice for growing fruits and berries.

Our journey started in 2014 and keeps us involved up to this day. We spent time selecting land with perfect weather conditions for growing fruits and berries.

Moldova is called the “sunny land” – it has 240 sunny days a year. The hottest month is July with average of +21 C (70 F) and January is being the coldest with average of -3.5 C (25.5 F).

The higher temperatures in summer and softer winters give the fruits a special flavor that cannot be dublicated or found anywhere else.

We are on our way!

Aronia Frozen
Sour and sweet cherry Frozen
Peach halves Frozen

Hand destoned

Apricot halves Frozen

Hand destoned

Plum halves Frozen

Variety: Stalney
Hand destoned

Plum whole Frozen
Plum halves Frozen

Variety: Cabardinka 
Hand destoned

Rose Hips Frozen
Black currant Frozen
Strawberry Frozen
Sea buckthorn Frozen
Raspberry Frozen

Variety: Stalney
Bx 56
Perennial plantings: Moldova selection
Packing: 200 l, barrel


Variety: Cardinal, Collins, Moldova
Bx 65
Perennial plantings: Moldova selection
Packing: 200 l, barrel


Perennial plantings:
Moldova selection

Packing: 200 l, barrel


We are ready to propose:
– Good quality products;
– Competitive prices;
– Required quantity (should be discussed);
– Variety of available fruit range;

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Moldova, Gradinita
e-mail: tiferet.md@gmail.com
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